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-Career Mentor profile - Social Worker (Oncology)
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Links to Sites


-National Occupational Classification


-Working in Canada - report for Winnipeg  

-Alberta Learning Information Service  -OCCinfo

    -Occupational Video: Social Worker


-Occupational Outlook Handbook - Job outlook for U.S.

-O*NET - detailed occupational information (U.S.)  

-The Manitoba Institute of Registered Social Workers


-The Canadian Association of Social Workers
     - Areas of Practice  What is Social Work / What Social Workers do


-Canadian Association for Social Work Education

     -Accredited Social Work Programs  

-National Association of Social Workers (U.S.) 
      - Choices: Careers in Social Work  

-American Social Work Programs - from the Council on Social Work Education 


-The Association of Social Workers in Northern Canada


-International Federation of Social Workers


-Information for foreign-trained Social Workers - Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials  


Updated: November 6th, 2015