Pathfinder Christian Ministry (PCM)

  Ponderable:  Why is it that in an age when we have more entertainment available to use than ever before, there seems to be an epidemic of bordem?

Rev. Dr. Ken Stupak
Location:  Room 102X, University Centre
Tel: 204-474-8389

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Pathfinder Christian Ministry is a place where people know your name

Social: Getting the most from your University experience

Pathfinder Christian Ministry is here to help you enhance your univeristy experience.  You are invited to meet new friends and become involved in learning, leadership and reaching out to others.

  • Chewy Chewsdays
    11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    Room 102X, University Centre

    When:  First Tuesday of the month

    • Meet new people from other chaplaincies
    • Topical Discussions
    • Lunch provided
  • Chili Fridays
    During the colder months
    Dates and times TBA

Available for your use:

In our offices, available for your use, are

  • microwave
  • small fridge
  • pop (the cheapest on campus)

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