Options for Developmental disciplinary actions for Student Discipline Matters

According to the Student Discipline Bylaw (Table 2, section 18), discipline authorities have the option of selecting a disciplinary action of:

“Imposing developmental disciplinary actions including community service within the University Community and the participation in educational activities.”

These types of outcomes can be an efficient method to resolve certain academic dishonesty matters, as they contribute to student development and offer an educational experience for the student. However, it is important to understand from a logistical and practical perspective, what types of requirements will fit with your expectations.

To help provide guidance when selecting this disciplinary action, please see the following information.
As a discipline authority considering implementing this particular disciplinary action, you will first want to:

  • Identify the goal for requiring this type of disciplinary action.
  • Determine what options are available (refer to following section for details) and contact the receiving unit to ensure they can support what you are proposing.

Educational Activities
These are intended to help educate the student about academic integrity matters.  Educational activities with a focus on academic integrity could require the student to:

  • View the Student Advocacy office’s Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Online Tutorials and complete the quiz (please email Student Advocacy for directions, link to the quiz and the password)
  • Submit a ‘testimonial’ of their situation (what happened, what they learned, and what advice they would give to other students)
  • Complete a research essay on an academic integrity topic (specifying the topic, length and due date)
  • Meet with an Academic Learning Centre instructor one-to-one on topics like paraphrasing, avoiding plagiarism, or how to track and document research.

Community Service
This is intended to facilitate the student becoming involved in volunteer opportunities on campus. Options for volunteer opportunities can be provided to the student, with the responsibility of the student to initiate contact with that service/office to volunteer. The student can then be required to obtain verification of volunteer service from that office and submit it to the Discipline Authority.

  • Student Advocacy office
  • New Student Orientation (usually in September)
  • Academic Integrity Week (a pre-determined week in either Fall or Winter term)
  • Student Life
  • Other Student Affairs office
  • Others

Please note that because some volunteer opportunities are time limited or only available at certain times, specifying one type of volunteer service may not permit the student to fulfill your requirements according to the timelines established. Therefore, keeping the options open will allow for ease of completing this requirement.