Finding Engagement Opportunities & Using UMCommunityLINK

What is UMCommunityLINK?

UMCommunityLINK is an interactive and user-friendly web portal that provides tools and resources to student groups, manages the CCR, and connects students to upcoming events and opportunities.  UMCommunityLINK is available to all students and can be accessed by signing in with your UMNet I.D.  Below, we have highlighted a few of the features available to you on UMCommunityLINK and also have a full listing of tutorials for your benefit.

Key Features for Users:

Setting up your Profile: You can choose to "show" or "hide" an assortment of personal information on your user such as a profile picture, campus email, and social media accounts.  You are also able to customize email notifications and the text messaging feature.

Organization Directory: The organization directory is a great way for you to find ways to get involved on campus.  You can search for opportunities by listing organizations alphabetically, by category, by recommendation based on your personal interests, or by key words.

Events: Events can be viewed in two locations.  The first is the flyer board located on the landing page of UMCommunityLINK and linked to the bottom of this page.  The second location is the events directory where you can view events by date, category, by recommendation based on your personal interests, or by key words.  You are also able to RSVP to events and add them to your MS Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

Your Co-Curricular Record: Your CCR is housed in UMCommunityLINK where it can be viewed and managed.  You are able to print an unofficial copy or order a free official copy at any time.

Key Features for Users Involved With An Organization:

Organization Profile: The organization profile is a great place for you to indicate what your activity is, how students can get involved, and what they can expect to get out of the activity.

Roster: The organization roster is a useful tool for organizing your membership and assigning positions and responsibilities.  You are able to post messages, files, and create events that only those on your roster will be able to access, or you can make them viewable to the public.  You can also send text messages to roster members!

Gallery: A picture says a thousand words.  The gallery feature is an excellent way for you to express what your activity is all about to prospective students, as well as sharing memories of past successes with current members.

Forms: The form creation is the most highly used feature available to you on UMCommunityLINK.  You are able to create custom forms that can collect a limitless amount of information.

Service Hours: For organizations tracking the amount of hours students contribute, this feature is magnificent.  You are able to upload the hours for all student participants, or ask that they fill out their own service-hours request.

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Last updated: July 27, 2015



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