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Paper Title
File Size
Ben-Hur, Meir FIE as a Model for School Reform 36.4 KB
Camusso, Dominique Le développement cognitif en formation d’adultes
Repères méthodologiques
41.6 KB
Chinien, Chris
Paul, Barbara
Bannatyne, Ross

Empowering Adults to Learn: A Self-Directed Approach

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41.6 KB
Cook, Paul
Young, Janet
Evensen, Nancy
Using Mediated Learning to Improve the level of Reflection of Preservice Teachers 164 KB
Craven, Annette
Kimmel, Jessica
Beyond the Looking Glass: An Experiential Analysis Of a Multicultural Learning Adventure 31.5 KB
De Agüero Servín, Mercedes Mathematizing Everyday Strategies in Problem Solving 41.8 KB
Fisher, Bea Education and Crime Prevention: Using Mediated Learning in Correctional Settings in Canada 30.6 KB
Getz, Tina Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment I Integrated into a Developmental Class at Pikes Peak Community College 36.7 KB
Gibson, Gwendolyn Cognitive Literacy: A 21st Century Imperative for Education and Community Revitalization 44.6 KB
Guzmán, Alba Indigenous Women - 600 Community Kitchens 37.8 KB
Johnson, Mary J. Mediational Strategies for Deaf Students: Implementing Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment To Address Cognitive Deficits 25.4 KB
Kinard, James T. Creating Rigorous Mathematical Thinking: A Dynamic that Drives Mathematics and Science Conceptual Development 627 KB
Kozulin, Alex Mediated Learning Experience and Cultural Diversity 97.2 KB
Latva-Karjanmaa, Raija Mediated Learning in Virtual Learning Environments 50.4 KB
Levine, Dori Kindling the Spark: One Canadian School’s Adaptation of an Israeli Cognitive Modifiability Model 49.6 KB

Lindamood, Patricia
Bell, Nanci
Lindamood, Phyllis

The Roles of Concept Imagery, Phoneme Awareness, and Symbol Imagery in Cognitive Modifiability 61.4 KB
Richard, Mario
, Steve
Comment construire des compétences en classe? 103 KB
Rosen, Shmuel Organizational Flexibility 55.2 KB
Slabbert, Johannes
The Powerhouse for Mediated Learning Experience 43.3 KB
Tribus, Myron
Falik, Louis L.
Mediating the Development of Character Through Mediated Learning Experience 317 KB
Wood, Martha Model for Systemic Implementation of Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment 14.8 KB

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