Schedule of Events

August 18-20, 2001
Royal Crown Conference Centre
Rooms in red are located at the Fort Garry Hotel

Saturday, August 18

17:00- 20:00

LaVerendrye Room
Fort Garry Hotel

Welcome Reception

Sunday, August 19

07:00-08:00 5th Floor Foyer
Registration & Continental Breakfast
08:00-10:00 Grand Ballroom Plenary Session
Opening Ceremonies
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Dr. Reuven Feuerstein
Refreshment Break


East Ballroom B

Concurrent Sessions #1

1. "The Powerhouse of Mediated Learning Experience" (Johnannes Slabbert)
2. "Write it Down! Literacy-Based Cognitive Compensatory Interventions for People with FAS/FAE" (Margaret Raymond and Joe Belanger)

Central Ballroom 3. "Cognitive Literacy: A 21st Century Imperative for Education and Community Revitalization" (Gwendolyn Gibson)
4. "Creating Rigorous Mathematical-Scientific Thinking and Conceptual Development in Inner City Youths" (James Kinard)
West Ballroom B 5. Instrumental Enrichment (Rafi Feuerstein)
6. "Changing the Penitentiary System into an Environment of Modifiability: a Brasilian Experience With Children and Young Adult Transgressors in the State of Minas Gerais" (Rosa and Christiano Assis)
West Ballroom A 7. "Cognitive Education Reforms Schools" (Meir Ben Hur)
8. "The Effects of the Model of Structural Cognitive Modifiability on One Canadian School" (Dori Levine)
12:00 Grand Ballroom Lunch
13:30-14:30 Grand Ballroom

Plenary Session
"The Brain and Human Learning Potential" (Tammy Ivanco)



Central Ballroom

Concurrent Sessions #2

1. Mediated Learning Experience and Cultural Diversity (Alex Kozulin)
2. "Indigenous Women - 600 Community Kitchens" (Alba Guzman)

East Ballroom B 3. "Empowering Adult Learners to Learn: A Sef-Directed Approach" (Chris Chinien, Barbara Paul, Ross Banatyne)
4. "Mediated Learning in Virtual Learning Environments" (Raija Latva-Karjanmaa)
West Ballroom B 5. "A Model for Systematic Implementation of Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment" (Martha Wood)
6. "An Experiential Analysis of a Multicultural Learning Adventure" (Jessica Kimmel and Annette Craven)
16:15-17:30 Grand Ballroom

Theme Leader Plenary Session

  • Cultural Diversity (Lorna Williams)
  • Special Needs (Kathy Greenberg)
  • Gifted Learners (Yvette Jackson)
17:30-20:00 LaVerendrye Room
Fort Garry Hotel
Reception/Cash Bar
'Celebrating Manitoba's Cultural Diversity' (sponsored by the University of Manitoba)

Monday, August 20

07:30-08:30 5th Floor Foyer
Grand Ballroom Lobby
Continental Breakfast
08:30-10:00 Grand Ballroom Plenary Session
10:00-10:30   Refreshment Break


Central Ballroom

Concurrent Sessions #3

1. "Instructional Conversations in the Secondary Math Classroom: Effects of Mediated Learning on Short Term Math Achievement Gains for Low and High Achieving Students" (Cynthia Breeding)
2. "Mediated Strategies for Deaf Students: Implementing IE to Address Cognitive Deficits" (Mary Johnson)

Grand Ballroom 3. "The Roles of Concept Imagery and Phoneme Awareness in Cognitive Modifiablity" (Patricia Lindamood)
4. Le developpement cognitive en formation d'adultes reperes methodologique" (Dominique Camusso) *English Translation Provided
West Ballroom B 5. "Organizational Flexibility - A Personal Account" (Shmuel Rosen)
6. "Feuerstein's IE and the Development of Wisdom and Character" (Myron Tribus and Louis Falik)
12:00   Lunch


Central Ballroom

Concurrent Sessions #4

1. "Using IE to Improve Access to Community Colleges" (Tina Getz and Sandy Salazar)
2. "The Role of Self-Regulation and Epistemological Beliefs About Knowledge and Knowing in Academic Learning" (Parvin Kadivar)

East Ballroom 3. "Pro-Active E-Learning: Pushing the Limits of Education Delivery" (Keith Wilson and Rima Aristocrat)
4. "Mathematizing: Problem Solving Strategies in Everyday Work" (Mercedes De Aguero Servin)
West Ballroom B 5. "Using Mediated Learning to Improve the Level of Reflection of Preservice Teachers" (Paul Cook)
6. "Education and Crime Prevention: Using Mediated Learning in Correctional Settings in Canada" (Bea Fisher)
West Ballroom A 7. "Comment construire des competences en classe" (Mario Richard & Steve Bissonnette) *This presentation, conducted in French, continues until 04:00 p.m.
14:30-14:45   Refreshment Break

Theme Leader Plenary Session

  • Technical and Vocational Education (Myron Tribus)
  • Workplace Education (Moshe Ben Porath)
  • Lifelong Learning (Dominique Camusso)
16:15- 17:00 Grand Ballroom Closing Ceremonies

August 21-25, 2001
Fort Garry Hotel

Following the conference a series of comprehensive workshops will be held to train participants in the theory and practice of Mediated Learning. Participants will acquire the critical knowledge and skills to implement mediated learning experience to enhance the learning potential of students. All participants will receive a level one certificate in Mediated Learning. Professional education credits are also available for specific workshops.

Daily Workshop Schedule

07:30 Continental Workshop
08:30 Workshops
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Workshops
16:30 Adjourn


Mediated Learning Experience: Introduction
August 21-22 ,2001
Presented by ICELP Team

This introductory workshop is intended for those who would like to learn about the basic principles of the theory of structural cognitive modifiability and mediated learning experience and their applied systems. Examples of how these concepts can be used as assessment and intervention tools with children, adolescents, and young adults in regular and special education frameworks will be presented.

Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD)
August 21-25
Presented by ICELP Team

The LPAD is an instrument designed to assess the potential for enhancing the learning skills of an individual. Workshop participants will be introduced to the principles and instruments of LPAD assessment. They will have the opportunity to observe an assessment session conducted by Dr. Feuerstein, and learn about the difference between dynamic and static assessment approaches.

Instrumental Enrichment (IE)
August 21-25
Presented by ICELP Team

IE is a strategy used to enhance students learning skills. The program aims at correcting deficient cognitive functions and enhances the individual's capacity to learn more effectively. Workshop participants will learn about IE program structure and the technique of classroom mediation. They will receive hands-on experience with four IE instruments: Organization of Dots, Orientation in Space, Analytic Perception and Comparisons.

Quels procédés pédagogiques favorisent le développement optimal des compétences?
(atelier d'une durée d'une journée)
Steve Bissonnette, Mario Richard, Groupe PROXIMA (Quebec, Canada)
21 aôut

Cet atelier permettra aux participantes et participants d'établir de façon rigoureuse le type de médiation et les procédés pédagogiques à privilégier en classe pour favoriser l'apprentissage afin d'élever le niveau de compétence des apprenantes/apprenants.


Manitoba Education and Training Professional Certification
Level 1: School Administrator's Certificate
Level 2: Principal's Certificate

· "Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD)"
(25 contact hours)
· "Instrumental Enrichment (IE)"
(25 contact hours)
· "Mediated Learning Experience: Introductory Workshop"
(10 contact hours)

University of Manitoba, Faculty of Education
(Post Baccalaureate Certificate Program)
· "Instrumental Enrichment (IE)" (1 credit)
· "Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD)" (1 credit)

* All participants are eligible for credits and contact hours, where applicable.


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