Theme Leaders and Presenters

Theme Leaders

Moshe Ben-Porath
Workplace Education and Training - ISRAEL

Moshe Ben-Porath is the General Manager of MHT, Technical Publications and Training, an independent division of Israel Aircraft Industry Ltd. He has successfully implemented Instrumental Enrichment in the Aerospace industry. This instructional system has significantly reduced the dropout rate, decreased learning time, and has enabled trainees to demonstrate more creativity in the application of knowledge for solving workplace problems.

Rabbi Raphael S. Feuerstein
ICELP Expert in Special Needs - ISRAEL

Rabbi Feuerstein is the Co-Chairman and Director of the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential (ICELP) in Jerusalem. He specializes in the use of Mediated Learning Experience, The Learning Potential Assessment Device and Instrumental Enrichment for assisting learners with special needs.

Kathy Greenberg
Special Needs Learners - UNITED STATES

Dr. Katherine Greenberg is a Professor of Special Education and President-Elect of the Faculty Senate at the University of Tennessee. She founded the Cognitive Enrichment Advantage educational approach (CEA, formerly known as COGNET), which was awarded national validation by the U.S. government in 1995 for its effectiveness in improving academic performance of special education students. Many of her publications focus on mediated learning, dynamic assessment, and related aspects of collaborative learning.

Yvette Jackson
Gifted Learners - UNITED STATES

Yvette Jackson is nationally recognized for her work in assessing learning potential in disenfranchised students from urban communities. She designed the New York City Gifted Programs Framework when she was the Director of Gifted Programs. As Executive Director of the Instruction and Professional Development, she was instrumental in the development of the Comprehensive Education Plan for the New York City Public Schools, which optimized the delivery of all core curriculum and support services.

Alex Kozulin
ICELP Expert in Cultural Diversity - ISRAEL

Alex Kozulin is a senior researcher at the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential in Jerusalem. He has used the theory of Mediated Learning Experience to offer a new perspective on issues related to learning and cultural diversity.

Myron Tribus
Technical and Vocational Education - UNITED STATES

Myron Tribus, PE, is a consulting engineer, specializing in Quality Management, and Cognitive Modifiability with special emphasis on education. He is one of the co-founders of Exergy, a company specializing in the design of advanced, high efficiency, power
production systems. He recently retired from Exergy after 12 years as a director. Dr. Tribus served for 16 years on the faculty of the College of Engineering at UCLA and two years on the Faculty of the University of Michigan. He has worked as a design engineer for the Jet Engine Department of the General Electric Company. In recent years Dr. Tribus has become known through his writings on Dr. Deming's philosophy of management. He is one of the founders of the American Quality and Productivity Institute, which is devoted to teaching and promoting the fundamentals of quality management.

Lorna Williams
Cultural Diversity - CANADA

Lorna Williams is from the Lil'wat First Nation in British Columbia. She has worked with the Vancouver School Board as a First Nations Education Specialist. She has influenced educational opportunities for urban native youths in the area. Ms. Williams has also successfully implemented the concept of Mediated Learning to enhance the learning skills of Aboriginal students.



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Name(s): Rosa Assis, Cristiano Assis
Title: The Penitentiary System as an Environment of Modifiability: An Experience in Brazil, Minas Gerais State, With Infractor Teenagers

Name(s): Meir Ben-Hur
Title: Cognitive Education Reforms Schools
Name(s): Cynthia Breeding
Title: Instructional Conversations in the Secondary Math Classroom: Effects of Mediated Learning on Short Term Math Achievement Gains for Low and High Achieving Students
Name(s): Dominique Camusso
Title: Le développement cognitif en formation d'adultes Repères méthodologiques
Name(s): Chris Chinien, Barbara Paul, Ross Bannatyne
Title: Empowering Adult Learners to Learn: A Self-Directed Approach
Name(s): Paul Cook
Title: Using Mediated Learning to Improve the Level of Reflection of Preservice Teachers
Name(s): Mercedes De Aguero Servin
Title: Mathematizing: Problem Solving Strategies in Everyday Work
Name(s): Rafi Feuerstein
Title: -
Name(s): Bea Fisher
Title: Education and Crime Prevention: Using Mediated Learning in Correctional Settings in Canada
Name(s): Tina Getz, Sandy Salazar
Title: Using IE to Improve Access to Community Colleges
Name(s): Gwendolyn Gibson
Title: Cognitive Literacy: A 21st Century Imperative for Education and Comunity Revitalization
Name(s): Alba Guzman
Title: The Ardous Path of Learnings for Dropouts Population in Mexico: The Case of Indigenous Women Involved in the Community Kitchen Program of Dif Oaxaca
Name(s): Mary Jo Johnson
Title: Mediational Strategies for Deaf Students: Implementing IE to Address Cognitive Deficits
Name(s): Parvin Kadivar
Title: The Role of Self-Regulation and Epistemological Beliefs About Knowledge and Knowing in Academic Learning
Name(s): Jessica Kimmel, Annette Craven
Title: Beyond a Looking Glass: An Experiential Analysis of a Multicultural Learning Adventure
Name(s): James Kinard
Title: Creating Rigorous Mathematical - Scientific Thinking and Conceptual Development in Inner-City Youths
Name(s): James Knoll
Title: Optimal Learning Environment: A Model for Helping Disadvantaged Learners
Name(s): Alex Kozulin
Title: Mediated Learning Experience for Culturally Diverse Learners
Name(s): Raija Latva-Karjanmaa
Title: Mediated Learning in Virtual Learning Environments
Name(s): Dori Levine
Title: The Effects of the Model of Structural Cognitive Modifiability on One Canadian School
Name(s): Patricia Lindamood
Title: The Roles of Concept Imagery and Phoneme Awareness in Cognitive Modifiability
Name(s): Margaret Raymond and Joe Belanger
Title: "Write It Down!" Literacy-Based Cognitive Compmensatory Interventions for People with FAS/FAE
Name(s): Mario Richard and Steve Bissonnette
Title: Comment constuire des compétences en classe
Name(s): Shmuel Rosen
Title: Organizational Flexibility - A Personal Account
Name(s): Johannes Slabbert
Title: The Powerhouse of Mediated Learning Experience
Name(s): Eraldo Tinoco, Clelia Melo
Title: Bahia Applies Reuven Feuerstein's IE
Name(s): Myron Tribus, Louis Falik
Title: Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment and the Development of Wisdom and Character
Name(s): Keith Wilson, Rima Aristocrat
Title: Pro-Active e-Learning: Pushing the Limits of Education Delivery
Name(s): Martha Wood
Title: A Model for Systematic Implementation of Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment (IE)


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