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 UMPlan is LIVE!

On October 4, 2017 the University of Manitoba's NEW planning & budgeting tool, UMPlan, was launched to establish and maintain the operating budget model. Employees responsible to prepare, manage or contribute to the planning and budgeting process for their Faculty or Unit have been busy preparing for the launch of this new tool to begin budget preparations for the new fiscal year.

Need Help? Call the helpline at 204.480.1001 ext.5 or email

If you experience any system issues please let our system administrators know right away by calling 204.480.1001 ext. 3 or email

 For support documentation visit the Training Resources & Manuals website!


Payroll is a Shared Responsibility! 

 All Faculty and Staff, especially those new to the University of Manitoba, can help ensure their paystubs are correct! 

 Find out how you can help - read the October 4, 2017 UM Today article now







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