About Us

Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) provides leadership to enhance both organizational and personal effectiveness in the U of M community through partnerships, facilitation, programs, and initiatives in employee and organizational learning and development. Services include organizational development, university-wide and group-based employee learning programs, employee recognition, coaching, and tuition / fees reimbursement.

Vision Statement

Facilitating learning and development that fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and nurtures an outstanding and healthy work and learning environment.

Mission Statements

Employee Development Supports: We create programs and services to support employee success and wellness in their current role and to prepare them for future roles.

Organizational Development Supports: We foster connections and create services which support organizational development, inclusion, respect and capacity building.

Leadership: We enhance the employee experience and engagement by providing leadership programs that facilitate and support leadership excellence, personal growth, and organizational development.


 Meet the LOD staff


Mark O'RileyMark O'Riley, Director

As the Director of LOD, Mark leads his team to draw together a calendar of sessions and programs to meet the professional development needs of a broad cross-section of the University community.  His team also focuses on creating supports for career and succession planning and overall institutional development.  The team is constantly looking for opportunities to enhance our culture of inclusion and workplace wellness, where all the members of the University community are recognized and celebrated.  Mark has been with the University for 24 years and has enjoyed working in a variety of roles.

Email: mark.oriley@umanitoba.ca | Phone: (204) 474-9491


  Sandra Woloschuk

Sandra Woloschuk, Associate Director


Contact for: training development support, strategic planning assistance, facilitation requests, staff development advice.

Email: sandra.woloschuk@umanitoba.ca | Phone: (204) 474-8279




Val Williams

Valerie Williams, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant 

Contact for: diversity & inclusion strategy and sessions, workplace diversity survey and new hire workplace diversity questionnaire, queries regarding equity, diversity and inclusion.

Email: valerie.williams@umanitoba.ca | Phone: (204) 474-8371





Arlana Vadnais

Arlana Vadnais, Campus Mental Health Facilitator

Contact for: mental health and wellness training & workshops, Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth, and queries regarding student and workplace mental health and the Campus Mental Health Strategy, Success Through Wellness.

Email: arlana.vadnais@umanitoba.ca | Phone: (204) 474-8323



Josh Hartlin

Joshua Hartlin, Facilitator & New Media Specialist

Contact for: inquiries regarding online learning supports, developing learning resources, current and future LOD learning workshops, facilitation delivery support, and unit based supports.

Email: joshua.hartlin@umanitoba.ca | Phone: (204) 474-7389 




Lynn Bohonos

Lynn Bohonos, Administrative Assistant

Contact for: inquiries about LOD learning workshops including registration assistance, new employee orientation, service awards, tuition and staff development reimbursements and general inquiries.

Email: lynn.bohonos@umanitoba.ca | Phone: (204) 474-9124




For more information, visit the Learning & Organizational Development website here.