Merit Awards and Outreach Awards

Details on the Merit Awards and Outreach Awards handled through the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) office can be found below.  If you have any questions regarding the competitions, please contact TBA.

 Merit Awards
Memo announcing Call for Nominations/Applications for the calendar year 2016
will be sent in February, 2017.

Deadline:  TBA, 2017.
Questions? Please contact TBA
Award winners for calendar year 2015 
 Application  Form
 Merit Award for Teaching PDF
 Merit Award for Service PDF
 Merit Award for Research, Scholarly Work & Other Creative Activities PDF
 Merit Award for Combination of Teaching, Service, and/or Research, Scholarly
 Work & Other Creative Activities
 Annual Outreach Award
 Deadline to receive Dean's nominations in Vice-Provost's office:  October 19, 2016
 Each year, the University of Manitoba honours both support and academic staff who have
 been active in outreach activities, particularly in the previous year. More ....
 Nominations Form
 President's Call for Nominations
 Nomination Form
 Campbell Outreach Award
 Deadline to receive nominations in Vice-Provost's office: October 19, 2016
 The Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell Outreach Award is awarded annually for meritorious
 service in outreach activities. More...
 Nominations Form
 President's Call for Nominations
 Nomination Form
 Major Outreach Award
 Deadline:  TBD  
 Provides support for activities that engage the University, its people and
 programs, with external constituencies that enhance the public good. More ...
 Application Form
 Major Outreach Awards Major Outreach