Academic Structure Initiative

February 2014 

On October 2, 2013, Senate approved, in principle, and recommended to the Board of Governors that it approve the establishment of a Faculty of Health Sciences (as outlined in the proposal dated April 2013 and as revised in August 2013). Following approval of the Board of Governors on October 8, 2013, work has begun on the implementation of the new Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

Consistent with the proposal to establish a new Faculty of Health Sciences, on January 28, 2014, the Board of Governors approved Dr. Brian Postl's appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Vice-Provost (Health Sciences), effective February 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017. Since then, a structure has been put in place to guide the implementation process. This structure includes an Implementation Steering Committee, a Council of Deans and a number of sub-committees.

For more information on the implementation progress, please refer to the Academic Structure Initiative (ASI): Interim Report #8 - Faculty of Health Sciences, as well as the newly established Faculty of Health Sciences transition website. Please continue to visit this website for periodic updates.

September 2013 

Following consideration of the formal Proposal to Establish a Faculty of Health Sciences (dated April, 2013) by the units involved earlier this spring, the proposal was forwarded to the Senate Planning Priorities Committee (SPPC) for its consideration, which took place at a series of meetings over the course of the summer. Based on a review of the academic merits and resource requirements of the proposal, SPPC has recommended that Senate approve in principle and recommend to the Board of Governors that it approve the establishment of a Faculty of Health Sciences at the University. Senate Executive subsequently endorsed the proposal to Senate. The proposal will now be considered by Senate and thereafter by the Board of Governors.

This proposal has been revised to include additional information concerning the proposed governance structure and resource requirements that was requested by SPPC. Please see the revised Proposal to Establish a Faculty of Health Sciences (dated August, 2013).

April 2013 

 A formal proposal for a more integrated structure in the health sciences has been developed. This proposal aims to position the University of Manitoba as an international leader in health professions education, research and practice. The process to solicit views of affected faculty and school councils has begun, which will be important in informing both Senate's and the Board's consideration of this proposal.