City of Winnipeg Leadership Event

As a River City with over 240 km of water frontage, Winnipeg has had a storied history and association with its waterways and riverbanks initially as a transportation corridor and more recently as a year round playground with exciting tourism initiatives and waterfront development embellishing this valuable natural asset. Fundamental to this asset is the challenges of ensuring that our riverbanks are maintained as a public benefit for all citizens to enjoy. Unfortunately the majority of these banks are prone to failure and the City continues to face challenges with maintaining this asset in a stable condition.

At the Friday, March 6th, 2009 session of the City of Winnipeg's Leadership Event Series, the City's Riverbank Management Engineer, Mr. Don Kingerski, P.Eng., and University of Manitoba Researcher, Dr. James Blatz, P.Eng., provided an overview of past City practice and policies in the regulation and management of its riverbanks and highlight recent riverbank engineering initiatives between the City and the University of Manitoba and industry. This practical research has included the development of a GIS-based riverbank asset management system of 106 km of City owned waterfront for policy decision making, full-scale field testing with real-time instrumentation of rock fill columns as a riverbank stabilization technique and the examination of the transient effects of flooding on riverbank stability.
The University of Manitoba under the direction of Dr. Blatz has taken the lead in this research. The City’s Riverbank Management Committee has contributed significant funding to these efforts and Mr. Kingerski has been the City’s representative on the various research steering committees.

Lt. to Rt.: Mr. James Allum, Senior Consultant with the City's Chief Administrative Officer Secretariat; Mr. John Alho, Associate Vice-President (External) at the University of Manitoba; Dr. James Blatz, P.Eng., Associate Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba; Mr. Don Kingerski, P.Eng., the City's Riverbank Management Engineer, Mr. Alec Stuart, the City’s Environmental Coordinator, Mr. David Laird, the City's Manager of Human Resource Planning & Services