Lost or Forgotten Passwords

If you've lost or forgot your password, you may be able to reset your password on your own by visiting Iridium. For Iridium to be able to reset your password, you will have to had logged into it previously and set answers to your security questions.

Resetting your password from Iridium

Visit http://iridium.umanitoba.ca and type your username into the username box.
Then click on Forgot Password

You will then be prompted to answer 3 of the security questions in which you should have previously set, if you had previously logged into Iridium

If you successfully answer your 3 secret questions, you will be prompted to set a new password.

Resetting your password without Iridium

You will need to call or visit the IST Help & Solutions Centre to have your password reset.

The Help & Solutions Centre will issue you a new password that will allow you to login to Iridium and set your new password, provide answers to your security questions, and enable or disable any accounts you may need access to.





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