Classic Webmail (CC mail) Email Setup - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

You can configure your iPhone or iPod Touch to connect to the University of Manitoba's email service. These instructions are based on the iPhone/iPod Touch OS version 3.0.

You will need to be connected to the Internet before you can set up your email. For instructions on how to connect to the on-campus wireless networks, please see

Please be advised that currently the University Wireless networks only allow one session at a time - meaning that you cannot connect both your iPhone/iPod AND a laptop at the same time, so we recommend disconnecting any laptops or other wireless devices before setting up your email.


Start by touching the 'Settings' app, then touch the 'Mail, Contact, Calendars' item to begin setting up your University of Manitoba email account. Then, touch the 'Add Account...' button.


From the 'Add Account...' window, choose 'Other'. On the following screen, touch the 'Add Mail Account' button to continue.


Fill in your details in the 'New Account' window. For the address, use either your full address, or your alias address if you have one. The password will be the same as you use for Webmail, Jump, or any other UMnetID service. Press 'Save' when finished.

On the next page, ensure that 'IMAP' is selected.


Under 'Incoming Mail Server', the host name should be ''. User Name should be your UMnetID (the part before the @ symbol in your address), and your password should be already filled in.

You should also use the same Host Name, User Name and Password for the Outgoing Mail Server.


After you click 'Save', the app will attempt to verify your account details. If everything works successfully, it will briefly show checkmarks next to each field. If you get any failure messages, please ensure that you've typed everything in correctly.

You will then be taken back to the 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' settings page. Touch your newly-created University account to continue.


Please verify that you've entered the correct incoming and outgoing mail servers (

Touch the 'SMTP' button to configure your outgoing mail server settings.


Touch the '' button to change the settings for your U of M account.

Please ensure that 'Use SSL' is set to 'ON' and that you are using 'MD5 Challenge-Response' Authentication. You should also use Server Port 587.


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