Working with Indigenous Elders

Jonathan H. Ellerby  

This Book is a reprint of “Working with Aboriginal Elders”. The content is exactly the same except for the word “Aboriginal” has been changed to ”Indigenous” in the title and throughout the book. Based on the teachings and experience of a select group of local Elders and Cultural Teachers, this manual addresses common and widespread areas of institutional conflict and concern in a manner that identifies solutions and provides information necessary for researchers, students, consultants, health care professionals and program administrators to work effectively with Elders.

The first section addresses questions such as:

· Who is an Elder?
· How is an Elder trained?
· What does an Elder do?
· What is the appropriate protcol when working with an Elder?

The second section addresses administrative issues involving Elders, such as: the hiring process, payment, teamwork, confidentiality and time commitments
Table of Contents (.pdf)  
    73pages; Price $15.00

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