Dr. Ehsan Khafipour

Assistant Professor of Gastrointestinal Microbiology
Department of Animal Science
Department of Medical Microbiology 
University of Manitoba
Research Scientist, Children Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM) 
Research Scientist, Canadian Center for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine (CCARM)
St. Boniface Hospital Research
Research Scientist, National Centre for Livestock and the Environment (NCLE)
University of Manitoba

Degrees: M.Sc. 2001 (Mashhad, Iran), Ph.D. 2009 (Manitoba)

Mailing Address:Room 225 Animal Science Building, 12 Dafoe Road, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 

Tel: (204) 474-6112; Cell: (204) 899-4020; Fax: (204) 474-7628

E-mail: Ehsan.Khafipour@umanitoba.ca
Website: http://www.khafipourmicrobiomelaboratory.com/ 

Currently not taking Graduate students.
Two postdoctoral positions on host-microbiome interactions with emphasis on metatrascriptomics and real-time microscopy techniques are available.

Research Interests:

My interest is in advancing human and animal health through an improved understanding of composition and function of microbial communities present in the gut, the vaginal tract, and the mammary system of the humans or animals. I'm also working closely with a diverse group of researchers to characterize microbial communities in other environments, such as manure digesters, compost, soil, and water, in order to address ecologically important questions. With funding support from "Canadian Foundation for Innovation" (CFI) my laboratory has become one of the most advanced of its kind and provides state-of-the-art training in microbiome research.

In my research, I’m interested to map the dynamics of microbiome and its metabolome, identify factors that impact the metabolic capacity of microbiome and its synergetic relationship with the host, and understand the mechanisms through which microbiome and metabolome impacting the host health and disease status. Understanding these interactions across multiple biological levels allow development and subsequent testing of strategies to improve humans or animals health in a personalized fashion. The fundamental questions I address throughout my research include, a) What shifts occur in the compositional and functional diversity of microbiome of humans/animals during specific health disorders? b) What shifts occur in the metabolomic profile of such individuals? c) Which species are contributing to the functional shifts in microbiome and resultants metabolomic profiles? d) Can the microbiome or mtabolomic profiles be used as a diagnostic/prognostic tool? d) Can the balance of microbiome be retained through application of specific supplements including pre- and probiotics? e) What are the modes of action of existing pre- and probiotics and how can we develop new probiotic targets to further improve gut/host health? f) How lifestyle interacts with individual’s genetics, gut microbiome and metabolomic phenotype? and g) How these interactions are related to risk factors for chronic conditions?

My research is multidisciplinary and involves collaborations with a team of human and animal nutritionists, gastroenterologist, immunologists, reproductive physiologists, microbiologists, kinesiologists, nurses, clinicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and chemists as well as animal, plant and soil scientists.

For more information about my research and publications please visit here.


  • ANSC 7510 - T02 - Frontiers in Microbiome Research
  • ANSC 2520 - Anatomy and Physiology II - Nutrients Utilization



Dr. E. Khafipour