Winnipeg Design Festival
Winnipeg Design Festival [Re-]

Presented by: Meighan Giesbrecht and Tia Watson

The Winnipeg Design Festival is an annual Design Festival produced by Storefront Manitoba. It aims to celebrate and promote contemporary design and art in the City of Winnipeg. Curated events are the means to cultivate interdisciplinary relationships with industry and like-minded organizations, promoting the value of good design of art, objects, architecture, and the greater built environment. Festival curators, Meighan Giesbrecht and Tia Watson, will be highlighting how the 2018 Winnipeg Design Festival will create accessible and innovative design opportunities within Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is a unique hub for design talent; incubated by geographic isolation and winter hibernation, strengthened by strong secondary education programs at the U of M, and enhanced by a community of rich creativity. Winnipeg has set its mark on the world stage of architecture, fashion, industrial design, and more with a thriving pool of local designers who propel us into a new era of innovative and forward thinking ideas. The Winnipeg Design Festival aims to showcase the creativity in our city; [RE-] signifies the diversity of design that can be [RE]imagined, [RE]created, [RE]engaged, and [RE]claimed within the built environment. This year, we will be [RE]claiming spaces throughout the city to [RE]imagine and [RE]vitalize them, seeing abandoned and void spaces of the city from a new perspective.


Food for Thought
Thursday, September 13, 2018
Noon  |  Centre Space
John A. Russell Building
Faculty of Architecture
University of Manitoba

Meighan Giesbrecht and Tia Watson

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