About Us

Welcome to the Department of Environment and Geography.

Some of the greatest challenges facing us involve our environment, and how it changes the world around us. Not a day goes by that we are not confronted with an issue that involves the environment. These include water, hazards, pollution, climate change, urban issues, health, energy, and communities, to name a few.
These issues not only affect our lives, but the Geography of our world as well. As our climate changes and populations increase, the physical and human geography of the planet is constantly changing.
Our Department aims to provide students with a greater awareness of issues involving environment and geography, and to conduct forefront research on a host of associated issues.
We are unique in Canada. Nowhere else has the wide diversity of expertise been brought together under one Departmental umbrella.  This is a pioneering effort that will be emulated elsewhere.
Come share the adventure with us.

To be recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally as a centre for excellence in teaching, research and outreach in integrated physical, biological and human environmental knowledge, and for exemplary undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of environmental science, environmental studies, and physical and human geography.

The Department is a community of scholars specializing in integrated knowledge of the physical, biological and human environment. Our central aim is to provide exceptional opportunities for learning by:

  • Providing progressive and comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Delivering challenging and innovative courses that foster and promote critical thinking, technical expertise and analytical skills.
  • Developing Offering practical, experiential and workplace learning opportunities.
  • Promoting environmental awareness and literacy both within and outside the University.
  • Building (inter)disciplinary linkages within the University, and with other universities, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and community groups.
  • Supporting and stimulating excellence and innovation in teaching.
  • Supporting and stimulating commitment to community service and outreach.
  • Supporting and stimulating excellence in research and scholarship.
  • Welcoming and celebrating diversity in the Departmental community.