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New ACS Network page on the Cardiac Sciences website

A new section has been added to our site for the Manitoba Acute Coronary Syndrome Network and can be found HERE.

New on the Cardiac Sciences YouTube Channel:

1) The more our Team members know about our Team’s (acute and community care) work , the better we serve – Let’s talk! An overview of community resources in Winnipeg Manitoba. Watch it HERE.

2) The Evolution of ACCU: Past, Present & Future

Authors: Crystal DaSilva, RN, BN, ACCU RN & Chris Kuttnig, RN, BN, CCN(C), ACCU CEI

The evolution of critical care cardiology has changed in respond to increases in demand, changes in medical demographics of the patient population, and advanced technologies. No longer is the term Coronary Care Unit an accurate reflection of these units and hence the change to the term Acute Cardiac Care Unit. We will review the history of cardiac care units, review the local history and discuss the current ACCU unit in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Watch it HERE

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