Dr. Marc Del Bigio

Marc Del Bigio, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Professor, Department of Pathology

Professor, Department of Human Anatomy & Cell Sciences
Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Manitoba

Canada Research Chair in Developmental Neuropathology

1993 FRCPC (Neuropathology); 1987 PhD; 1982 MD


T: 204 789-3378 | Lab: 204 975-7717 | F: 204 789-3931


: 600 John Buhler Research Centre, 715 McDermot Avenue
Mail: 401 Brodie Centre, 727 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3E 3P5
Research Interests: Dr. Del Bigio holds the Canada Research Chair in Developmental Neuropathology (2004-2017). The broad theme of his work is to understand how insults of various types affect the immature nervous system differently from the mature nervous system. Concurrent studies are conducted using human tissue (especially autopsy material) and animal / cell culture models. Dr. Del Bigio is author of >170 peer reviewed scientific papers and recipient of many research (~$700,000 since 2007) and collaborative equipment grants ($1,450,000 since 2007). Specific research underway includes:

1) Preclinical studies of pharmacologic therapy for hydrocephalus
2) Pathogenesis of immature brain damage due to hemorrhage
3) Pathology and pathogenesis of brain abnormalities associated with in utero alcohol exposure
4) Mechanical properties of brain tissue at different stages of maturation and in various disease states
5) Pathogenesis of rare brain diseases
6) Human neuropathology in population health (e.g. viral encephalitis, substance abuse)
Laboratory Members:Students:
PhD (Human Anatomy & Cell Sciences): Domenico Di Curzio, Jessica Jarmasz

Technical/Research Staff:
Dr. Xiaoyan Mao
Dr. Alex Shulyakov