Undergraduate Education Program
The University of Manitoba is committed to the education of medical students with respect to diagnostic imaging. Formal lectures as well as lab sessions in the Gross Lab for medical student education are currently taught.  Radiology education relies on a strong knowledge of anatomy and we strongly encourage all medical students to commit as much anatomy to memory as possible.  Students that wish to learn more about Radiology as a career and/or to increase their Radiology education, are encouraged to obtain an elective in Radiology.

The goals of the undergraduate medical education in Radiology are:

  • Understand the role of radiologists as part of the multi-disciplinary patient care team
  • Understand the application of radiology technology in an appropriate manner to answer clinical problems or questions
  • Learn some of the differential diagnoses for common radiographic findings
  • The recommended textbook is Squire's Fundamentals of Radiology