Surgery GFT Research Grant Competition

Research is one of the core missions of the Department of Surgery and in this spirit the Department has provided financial support to its members to further this mission.

These awards are available annually and are intended for surgical research in which the principal investigator is a full-time member of the Department of Surgery.  The awards will have a maximum value of $15,000 and the number of awards and actual amount awarded is subject to the availability of funds.  The Surgery Research Advisory Committee of the Department accepts applications for the competition once per year in the fall. Applicants are asked to provide a Letter of Intent (LOI), which includes a title and short descriptor of the project. If accepted, applicants will be notified, by email, to submit a full application.  The grants are awarded at the Annual Department of Surgery Research Day held in January.  The term of the grant is two years and all applicants will be notified, in writing, by February 1 of the disposition of their grant.


The Surgery Research Advisory Committee is pleased to announce the 2017 Surgery GFT Research Grant Competition to support research initiative undertaken by members of the Department of Surgery.

These awards are intended for research studies in which the Principal Investigator is a full-time (GFT) member of the Department of Surgery.

Only one research application will be accept per GFT member.

Letter of Intent
No more than one (1) page with no attachments and must include the following:

  • Name and contact information for Principal Investigator
  • Title and summary of proposed study
  • List of co-investigators
  • Funding request (to a maximum of $15,000)

Submit your Letter of Intent to:

Letter of Intent - Monday, October 2, 2017

Letters of Intent will be reviewed and the application form will be sent to the Principal Investigators being invited to submit for funding consideration.

(Available to download and print through Adobe)


Rakesh Arora
Validation of the "4AT" delirium screening tool in a Cardiac Surgery patient population

Edward Buchel
Intraoperative autoderm decontamination for use in immediate single stage direct-to-implant breast reconstruction

Michael Ellis
Pilot study of prospective monitoring of cerebrovascular reactivity in adolescent physiological post-concussion disorder patients treated with tailored sub-maximal exercise prescription

Krista Hardy
The metabolic impact of bariatric surgery on Manitoba's urban indigenous population

Ramzi Helewa
Identifying and overcoming barriers to quality care for colorectal cancer: A population-based study

Biniam Kidane
Reducing respiratory complications after pneumonectomy: A multi-centre cohort study

Sarvesh Logsetty
Physical health outcomes in survivors of pediatric trauma compared to matched controls

Peter MacDonald
Number one overall graft pick?  Hamstring versus Quadriceps tendon Graft for ACL reconstruction:  A prospective expertise-based cohort study

Rizwan Manji
Is aortic stenosis an autoimmune mediated disease?

Demitre Serletis
Morphometric MRI analysis for detection of focal cortical dysplasias in MRI-negative epilepsy

Anna Shawyer
The impact of chewing gum on postoperative ileus in children who undergo abdominal surgery: A prospective, randomized, controlled pilot study

Ashley Vergis
Teaching laparoscopic suturing and knot-tying skills: A randomized controlled study comparing remote merged virtual reality instruction to in-person expert feedback

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Competition Opens
September 1st (or first Friday)

Letter of Intent (LOI)
October 1st (or first Monday)

November 1st (or first Friday)

Award Announcement
(Department of Surgery Research Day)

Award Letter
February 1st

Term Starts
April 1st
(Two year term)

Claim Deadline
April 30th

Claim Extension Request
April 1st

Progress & Financial Reports
March 31st

Term Extension Request
February 1st

Term Ends
March 31st


Progress Report
Financial Report

Request Letters:
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