Concentrations and Themes
Tailor your MBA to your passion, your experience and the career you want. Focus your studies on two functional areas, two themes, or a combination of area and theme*. You can earn up to two concentrations/themes – the choice is entirely yours. To earn a concentration or a theme, you will need to complete 12 credit hours in the chosen area (4 courses for a functional concentration and 9 credit hours plus an experiential capstone for a theme concentration).

Specialized Concentration:

Functional Concentrations:

Themed Concentrations:

The Experiential Capstone Course is the final course in your chosen theme concentration. It provides hands-on integrated business-related experience through opportunities such as an international study trip, a domestic industry project, stock market simulation, or launching a business.

Interdisciplinary Concentrations:

General Management Option:

  • Choose any combination of Asper MBA electives to suit your personal and professional goals.
*Please note: Not all concentrations or all combination of two themes and/or concentrations may be achieved in any given year/12 months. For example, the Financial Analyst stream takes at least 20 months to complete.