Program Overview
The Asper MBA program design will arm you with the skills, knowledge and experience you need to excel in today’s business world. We offer online preparatory courses, business fundamentals and strategy, and foundations for leadership development using experiential learning methods and critical and creative thinking.

Explore our Preparatory Boot Camps, Program Core and Concentrations and Themes.

Flexible Program Options 

Complete your 60 credit hours of course work:

  • Full Time - 12 months or up to 2 years
  • Part Time - Take up to six years (the average is three)

You may qualify for a number of MBA course exemptions, significantly reducing your program course load and cost. Program entry occurs twice annually, in early August and in January. To complete the program in 12 months, an August entry is required.

Flexible Course Offerings

We offer Asper MBA classes at the following times to fit your schedule:

  • Monday to Thursday: afternoons and evenings
  • Friday and Saturday: all day
  • Saturday and Sunday morning

Take Asper MBA Courses as an Occasional Student