Louis Riel and His Councilors

Ryder Larsen, photographer. Louis Riel and His Councilors. Winnipeg? 1869?

This print is very famous. Almost all of those held by other archives in Canada however are black and white copies or negatives. The original photograph is presumably lost. Note the crease mark down the center of this print. Each photographer would have been copying the original which perhaps was folded at some point.

Featured in the photograph are: (back row, L-R) Bonnet Tromage, Pierre Delorme, Thomas Bunn, Xavier Pagé, André Beauchemin, Baptiste Tourond; (middle row) Pierre Poitras, John Bruce, Louis Riel, William B. O’Donoghue, François Dauphinais, Thomas Spence; (front row) Hugh F. O’Lone, Paul Proulx.