Statistics Seminars in 2007
Wednesday, December 5
John Brewster (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba): “Convexity, Jensen's Inequality and Benefits of Noisy Mechanical Ventilation”
Wednesday, November 21
A. Thavaneswaran (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba): “Forecasting and Filtering for Volatility Models”
Wednesday, November 21
Xikui Wang (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba): “Dynamic Pricing in the Face of Unknown Demands”
Wednesday, November 14
Brad Johnson (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba): “A Large Deviation Approximation for the Number of i.i.d. Samples Required to Observe all of the Balls in a Box”
Wednesday, November 14
Alexandre Leblanc (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba): “Weierstrass, Bernstein, Kantorovitch and the Estimation of Distribution and Density Functions”
Tuesday, October 30
Liqun Wang (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba (joint with IIMS)): “First Passage Time Distributions for Diffusion Processes and Time-Dependent Barriers”
Friday, October 26
N. Balakrishnam (McMaster University): “Permanents, Order-Statistics, Outliers and Robustness”
Wednesday, August 22
Deli Li (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Lakehead University): “Some Weak Limit Theorems for the Largest Entries of Sample Correlation Matrices”
Monday, July 23
John Brewster (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba): “On Frequentist and Bayesian Approaches to Inference in Industrial Split-Plot Screening Experiments”
Monday, April 9
Lijian Yan (Department of Statistics and Probability, Michigan State University ): “Bandwidths, B-spline, Knots, Nadaraya-Watson Estimator, Nonparametric Regression”
Monday, April 2
Edit Gombay (Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Alberta): “Sequential Methods”
Thursday, March 29
John Braun (Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, University of Western Ontario): “Local Likelihood Density Estimation for Interval Censored Data”
Wednesday, March 14
Gary Wang (Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Manitoba): “Optimization Methods in Support Of Modern Engineering Design ”
Thursday, February 1
David Stanford (Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences University of Western Ontario): “Organ Transplant Queues”
Important Date

July 1: Canada Day (University Closed)

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Hsing-Ming Chang, Ph.D. (2012)

Robert Platt, M.Sc. (1993)