Other Concerns

The University is committed to creating a safe, respectful and civil working and learning environment for everyone. To this end, the University has policies to promote and encourage a positive learning environment. Students have a responsibility to respect one another and a right to be respected as a member of the community. The information below may be helpful in resolving your concern or it may be used to better prepare you for your upcoming meeting with an advocate. 

Interpersonal Conflict/Harassment/Discrimination | Sexual Violence | Online Safety | Professional Unsuitability | Complaint Handling Guidelines | Other

Interpersonal Conflict/Harassment/Discrimination

The University has a Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy to ensure all members of the University community feel safe and free from discrimination and harassment. Students that feel they have experienced interpersonal conflict, harassment, or discrimination in and outside the classroom can seek assistance in resolving the situation either informally or formally. Please refer to the information provided below about complaint handling.

Sexual Violence

The University has a stand-alone Sexual Assault policy

Visit the Sexual Violence Support and Education website to

  • get support,
  • give support,
  • report sexual violence,
  • understand consent and sexual violence, and
  • learn about prevention and education.

Online Safety

Members of the University community are responsible for what they post online as representatives of the University of Manitoba. It is also every member's responsibility to protect their personal information such as, UofM ID and passwords. If you suspect there has been an online security related incident involving you or another member of the University community, you can discuss or report your concerns to Security Services or Information Services and Technology (IST). These may include copyright violations, incidents in shared computer spaces, harassing emails, suspicions that your email has been compromised or concerns over comments made online.

Professional Unsuitability

Students in professional programs are expected to act with a level of professionalism consistent with their intended profession. These programs often have policies outlining what is acceptable behavior in and out of the classroom for their students. Students facing allegations of unprofessionalism are entitled to representation for advice and support through the process. Please contact Student Advocacy for assistance.

Complaint Handling Guidelines

Any person who believes that any member of the University of Manitoba has been subjected to any form of harassment or discrimination in the course of University related activities may discuss and/or make a formal or informal complaint. Individuals interested in making a complaint can review the information found in the links below:

Students are also encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management, Student Advocacy, Graduate Students Association or University of Manitoba Students' Union.


If your concern is not identified above, please contact the Student Advocacy office for assistance.