Responsible Computer Usage
Student computer access other than for specifically assigned coursework is a privilege, not a right. It may be revoked for questionable use, or for administrative or other reasons.

Responsible Use of Accounts and Lab Facilities
When you claim your computer account or userid you agree to be responsible for all actions performed using it. The claimid text you agreed to when setting up or renewing your account is available online.

Registered students are entitled to use the computing and networking facilities provided for all students by IST.

In addition to this document, the University's Use of Computer Facilities policy governs all UofM computer users.

Misuse of the account or of the facilities may lead to loss of privileges and/or disciplinary and/or legal action by the University.

Please report any misuse or abusive behavior using accounts or facilities to:

Access privileges of an account may be suspended during an investigation.

Labs Usage Guidelines

  • PASSWORDS: Keep your password(s) private and pick a secure one. It should be 6 to 8 characters long, a mixture of numbers and letters, and not a name or dictionary word.
  • COURTESY: Maintain quiet in the Open Area Computer Labs. Do not occupy a computer to play games or for Internet Chat. During busy periods, keep your sessions as short as possible. keep your personal use for non-busy not use for personal . Bring headphones for your audio use while working and keep volume levels low.
  • ACADEMIC USE PRIORITY: Academic use takes precedence in the labs. If your use is personal or recreational, relinquish your computer if others are waiting. Restrict personal use to outside peak periods (approximately 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays).
  • BASIC LAB RULES: Food and beverages are not permitted in the labs. Please use the garbage bins and help keep the area clean.
  • PERSONAL COMPUTING EQUIPMENT: No user-supplied equipment, other than USB storage devices and audio headphones, may be connected to Open Area Computer Labs computers. Lab computers must not be disconnected from the network. User laptops may be connected only to the netports made available for this purpose. Personal equipment may be confiscated by Campus Security pending investigation of its use.
  • REPORT PROBLEMS: Help protect your facilities. Please report misuse or equipment malfunctions to the IST Service Desk, 204-474-8600, noting the time, location and workstation.
    Report emergency situations to Campus Security: Dial 911.
  • PRINTING: Learn how to use the self-service dot-matrix lab printers. Printers are checked daily by staff but you may need to replace paper or ribbon. Separate others' output carefully when you remove yours from a printer.
  • UofM IDENTIFICATION: Use of the labs is for University staff and students. Please be prepared to show your UofM id on request.

Accounts suspended for cause will be subject to a $25 reactivation fee.

Theft, vandalism, or other serious abuse of the Open Area Computer Labs may lead to the closure of the lab.


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