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     Microvascular Decompression (MVD) Surgery aims to cure Trigeminal Neuralgia by moving blood vessels away from the trigeminal nerve root. This eliminates the source of irritation (ie. neurovascular compression) that causes TN. The hyperactive trigeminal system then returns to a normal, pain free state. MVD is a non-destructive technique, and has the best potential to cure TN.

     MVD surgery is performed through a small incision and bony opening behind the ear. Operative microscopes and micro-instruments are used to see and relieve the neurovascular compression, without injury to the trigeminal nerve. Inert shredded TeflonŽ felt implants are placed between the blood vessels and the nerve to permanently maintain the "decompression". The surgery is
performed under general anesthesia and is followed by a few days of hospitalization.

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