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UofM IDEA Program
The University of Manitoba Innovative Design for Engineering Applications Program is an initiative created by the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Engineering to involve the local engineering industry with the education and training of engineering students. In their final year, these students must take a design course in which they are to design and develop solutions to projects submitted by industry. The involvement  of industry in engineering education is crucial to an engineering student’s success. It provides a productive, positive experience for both parties, and gives students real-world design experience.

The UofM IDEA Program’s role is to act as a liaison between industry and the Faculty of Engineering in order to facilitate the development and acquisition of appropriate projects for the final year design course, known as Capstone projects. The Program itself is student-led, allowing the faculty to offer projects that accurately reflect student interest. The Program Manager and Coordinator aid in project scoping and selection.

Program Outcomes
The Program generates projects for groups of engineering students enrolled in their final year design course, resulting in approximately 300 hours of project work. Deliverables include a comprehensive written report and an oral presentation. Depending on the nature of the project, an economic analysis may be performed and/or a prototype of the design may be manufactured.


Apply Now!   Project submission deadline is July 28, 2017 at 4:30 PM.

For more information please contact:

 Joshua Mitchell-Dueck  204-474-7880      
 Program Manager  E1-268C
 Abdulahi Isse  204-474-7205 
 Program Coordinator  E1-268D 


The mission of the UofM IDEA Program is to work collaboratively with local companies to develop Capstone design projects for University of Manitoba engineering students to complete during their final year.  We aid industry partners to identify and scope suitable projects, prepare necessary application forms, and assist with legal aspects of the collaborations. We also provide additional support to the faculty of engineering through the relationships we build with industry partners to aid in the students’ professional development and networking, as well as assist in various other capacities to foster an excellence in engineering education.