Research Clusters

Research in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Recreation Management (FKRM) is diverse.

The research is funded by local, national, and international funding agencies. Researchers are funded by all three of the Tri-Council Agencies (Canadian Institute of Health Research, Natural Science and Engineering Research Council, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) as well as by other funding agencies such as the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Manitoba Health Research Council, Manitoba Medical Services Foundation, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The research areas in FKRM can be categorized into three main clusters: Sport, Health, and Recreation & Leisure.


Physical Education and Coaching

Researcher Specific Interest(s)
Joannie Halas, PhD Issues of access to quality and culturally relevant physical education for Aboriginal and other under-represented youth in physical education


Sport and Exercise Psychology

Researcher Specific Interest(s)
Leisha Strachan, PhD Positive youth development, sport participation, children, youth, sport psychology.
Shaelyn Strachan, PhD Exercise psychology, Health psychology, Exercise adherence, Self and identity and health behaviours, Social psychology, and health behaviours.



Socio-cultural Studies

Researcher Specific Interest(s)
Douglas Brown, PhD Focused on the origins of the Modern Olympic Games, early Canadian Mountaineering and winter sports. From these vantage points, Dr. Brown explores themes such as identity, ethnicity and human agency within sport as well as the aesthetics or poetics of sport participation.
Fenton, PhD Recreation for social inclusion and wellbeing; uses participatory action research methods to cultivate understandings on how to create welcoming and inclusive recreation environments for individuals with mental illness; recently undertaken a project using drag performance with LGBTQ youth to explore gender, in particular, gender identity and gender expression.
Russell Field, PhD Socio-cultural study of sport and physical activity; examinations – primarily historical – of global sporting events as sites of resistance and protest; focused on the lived experience of sport participants, the desire to separate organizational rhetoric from local remains, and the integration of oral history with archival sources as a methodological approach; interested in the cultural representations of sport and physical activity found in both narrative and documentary films.
jay johnson, PhD hazing; gender; violence; masculinity; education; policy; triathlon; doping; environment; environmentalism; physical activity; socio-cultural; bicycle communities; youth; active transportation; physical geographies; body image; education; sport
Sarah Teetzel, PhD Research focuses on applied ethical issues in sport with emphasis on the intersection of rules and values.


Health and Integrative Physiology

Researcher Specific Interest(s)
Stephen Cornish, PhD Psychological wellbeing in people with chronic illnesses (cystic fibrosis and congenital heart disease) and disabilities, and the use of physical activity and exercise to improve mental health.
Cheryl Glazebrook, PhD Motor control and learning; Motor skill assessment and movement performance in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders; Relationships between perception and action in typical and clinical populations; Influence of multisensory stimuli on movement performance; Eye-hand coordination
Gordon Giesbrecht, PhD Physiology; Exercise; Thermoregulation; Thermal stress;  Environmental stress; Vehicle safety; Vehicle submersion; Cold exposure; Hypothermia; Drowning.
Steven Passmore, PhD Integration of chiropractic care into mainstream healthcare systems.
Michelle Porter, PhD Mobility and Aging; Driving and aging.
Elizabeth Ready, PhD Physical health and functional benefits of physical activity in older adults; Impact of age friendly neighbourhoods on physical activity and health; Benefits of interprofessional collaboration in primary health care/role of kinesiologist; Physical activity in the management of  chronic disease.



Researcher Specific Interest(s)
Christine Van Winkle, PhD Visitors’ Experiences at Events and Attractions; Exploring the experiences of festival, park and historic site visitors; Understanding visitor learning in free-choice environments; Exploring the effects of technology on the visitor’s experience at attractions; Assessing the impacts and outcomes of visitors to festivals, parks and historic sites.