Connection Words


To add details

Accordingly, additionally, again, also, and, as, as well as, aside from, at any rate, besides, equally important, especially, for example, for instance, further, furthermore, in addition, in other instances, in particular, in some cases, indeed, moreover, to illustrate, that, which, who

To show cause and effect

As a consequence of, as a result of, for this reason, because, consequently, for, hence, in spite of, on account of, since, so, so that, therefore, thus

To show condition

Depending on, if, in order to, either…or, or, otherwise, since, unless

To order chronologically or in sequence

After, afterwards, again, as before, at present, before, earlier, finally, first, first of all, formerly, in the future, initially, last, lastly, later, many times, next, often, second, secondly, so far, sometimes, subsequently, then, these days, third, to begin with, to conclude, to sum up, today, tomorrow, until, when, whenever, while

To compare/contrast (show similarities and differences)

Accordingly, although, as before, as well as, but, even if, even though, however, in comparison, in contrast, in like manner, in other instances, instead, just as, nevertheless, nonetheless, nor, on the contrary, on the one hand, on the other hand, similarly, whereas, with the exception of, yet

To show importance

Equally important, especially, even if, for this reason, foremost, importantly, more importantly

To summarize

In brief, in conclusion, in effect, in other words, in short, in sum, in summary