Reference Notecards

When doing research it is important to keep track of sources right from the start.

  • Skim the source to see if it will be relevant to your topic
  • If it is a book, consult the table of contents or index to find related information
  • At the top of the note card, write down the reference using the style required for the course (APA, MLA, Chicago)
  • Underneath, note in point form the specific topics the source covers
  • Also note relevant page numbers and how you found the source

Example Reference note card (APA)

Research paper topic: How to write an academic paper

 Walker, L. J. S. & Schonwetter, D. J. (2003).  Success secrets of university students.  Toronto: Prentice-Hall.

  • See chapter 8: Academic Writing pp 173-197
  • Esp. acknowledging work of others and writing process
  • Great timeline (p. 184) & evaluation tool (p. 191)
  • Course textbook
  • **note: when referencing, cite chapter author: L. Taylor