Research Log Example

(Using APA style)

Research Paper Topic: Memory and Learning a Second Language

1. Source/Citation

e.g. journal article

Author last name, First name initial. (year published). Article title. Journal Name, vol#(issue # if not continuous pagination) page numbers.

Robinson, P. (1995). Attention, memory, and the "noticing" hypothesis. Language Learning, 45, 283-331.

2. Database used/date

ERIC, all databases
October 13, 2004

3. Search terms used

keywords: memory and second language acquisition and research

4. Location

Elizabeth Dafoe Library (Daf) 400 L269 LE V.45:1995 3rd Fl
(also in EBSCOhost)

5. Why it’s important

  • has an excellent review of the literature on SLA and memory
  • lots of other sources I can check
  • really useful diagrams outlining memory processes—they make sense!!!
  • pretty recent; I can follow up what’s been done since then

6. Notes, Quotes, and Conversations

  • add page numbers, notes from article and own thoughts clearly labeled as such