Initiative Updates
The Childcare Initiative is the second phase of a project that began with a 2013 report prepared by a childcare working group comprised of students, staff and faculty at the University of Manitoba. The report (which can be found below) highlights significant unmet needs of student, staff and faculty parents, including the limited availability of on and off campus childcare spaces.

In response to the report, the University has committed to better understanding the issues, and to exploring childcare options that may help to support students, staff and faculty. A consultant was hired in 2014 to study child care at U15 (peer) institutions, review business models for delivering child care services, assess possibilities for University of Manitoba and make recommendations for action. Below is the final report that was completed in 2015 along with infographics that highlight various sections of the document.

Childcare Initiative

Moving Child Care Forward at the University of Manitoba: Background, Analysis and Recommendations, January 2015)


Childcare in Canadian universities: Background research and analysis for a childcare feasibility study for the University of Manitoba. September 2014.



Letters to the Province

Childcare Working Group

Childcare Working Group Infographic

  • Childcare Working Group Infographic (PDF)

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Profile of Typical Child Care Centre at Larger Canadian Universities (PDF)

Child Care Context at U15 Institutions (PDF)

Child Care Provincial Context (PDF)