Club History

It was October, 1997 when an email went out to the staff members of the University of Manitoba requesting their attendance at a demonstration meeting for a new Toastmaster's Club. The turnout was great and the enthusiasm strong. The following week a name for chosen for the Club - UM Masters, an executive was voted in and all that was needed was for 20 people to pay their dues. December 4th, 1997 was the day - UM Masters became an official Toastmasters Club recognized by Toastmasters International.

UM Masters has proved to be a very successful Toastmasters club. For the last five years, the club has achieved President's Distinguished status, the highest standing a club can achieve in Toastmasters. UM Masters has also coordinated many Speech Crafts over the years (Agriculture Canada, Internationally Educated Agrologists Program) as well as one in-house event. The Club has also had members recognized at the District level:

2011-2012- Dianne Winser  (16 new members Recruited)
2009-2010 – Bev Doern (Toastmaster of the Year Award)
2006-2007 – Dianne Boulay (Jack Gillespie Builders Award)
2004-2005 – Dianne Boulay (Allan Shaw Mentorship Award)
2001-2002: Dianne Boulay (Division Governor of the Year)
2002-2003: Dianne Boulay and Frank Liebzeit (Club Sponsors for Talking Bisons)
2002-2003: Bev Doern (Allan Shaw Mentoring Award)
2002-2003: UM Masters Newsletter (published by Maggie Ford) won best District 64 Newsletter
2000-2001: Dianne Boulay (Area Governor of the Year)
2001-2002: Bev Doern (Club Sponsor for Prairie Voices)

UM Masters has had members service the District in the following roles:

Area Governor:

2011-2012 - June Laronde
2011-2012 - Deb Dawson-Dunn
2005-2006 -Heather Racano
2003-2004 - Bev Doern
2003-2204 - Frank Liebzeit
2001-2002 – Barb Lange
2000-2001 - Dianne Boulay

Division Governor:

2013-2014 – June Laronde
2006-2007 – Bev Doern
2005-2006 – Frank Liebzeit
2001 – 2002 - Dianne Boulay


Bev Doern:

District Governor – 2012-2013
Lt. Governor of Education and Training – 2011-2012
Lt. Governor of Marketing 2011
Education Session Coordinator – 2008-2009
Training Coordinator - 2005-2006
Co-Semi/Proxy Chair - 2004-2005

Dianne Winser (Boulay):

District Secretary - 2012-2013
Area Governor Mentorship Chair – 2008-2009
More the Merrier - 2006- 2007
Spring Conference Chair - 2006
Co-Semi/Proxy Chair - 2004-2005
TLI Coordinator - 2004

Heather Racano:

District Sgt-At-Arms – 2009-2010
Fall Conference Chair - 2008-2009
TLI Coordinator - 2007

Frank Liebzeit:

Education Completions - 2002-2003
Club Liaison - 2002-2003

Speech Contests:

UM Masters has had members go on the Area and Division as well as the District and Region speech contest to represent our club. Competed at the Area or Division Level in either the Humour or International Speech Contests:

Barb Lange (Area, Division)
Barb Ruchkall (Area, Division)
Dianne Boulay (Area, Division)
Heather Racano (Area, Division, District, Region)
Bev Doern (Area, Division, District)
Maggie Ford (Area)
Norlaine Thomas (Area)
Jason Leschyshyn (Area)
Joel Casselman (Area)
Kelly Dineen (Area)
Deb Dawson-Dunn (Area, Division, District)
Charith Gunasekara (Area, Division)

* Source from Dianne Boulay – now Dianne Winser