Graffiti Prevention


Care for your community



The word “Graffiti” comes from the Greek word “graphein” in which means “to write”. Forms of graffiti have been around since 54 AD but mostly associated with modern city environments. Graffiti can be a simple mark or intricate composition.


Graffiti is not “art”;  it is a crime. Artwork that is done legally is not considered to be “graffiti” however, be wary of commissioning “graffiti – style” artwork as it can invite graffiti vandals to leave their mark as well. Graffiti costs hundreds of  thousands of dollars to remove or cover each year. If there is rampant graffiti in the community, it tends to lower property values and hinders responsible buyers from investing in the community.


  • Latrinalia – writing on the bathroom wall- including comments, signatures and political/social commentary.
  • Folk Epigraphy – political/social writing in response to emergency situations or  political legislation.
  • Tagging – this work is comprised of both adults and youths who refer to themselves as “taggers”. They gain “fame” and status from other taggers by painting their “tags” in as many places as possible.
  • Gang Graffiti – done by gangs to mark territories and boundaries.
  • Hate/Satanic Graffiti – used to shock or recruit members/followers.


It is important to quickly report, document and cleanup graffiti vandalism. Not only will we all appreciate that the graffiti has been removed quickly but it lessens the likelihood of a repeat offense. The offenders will not receive the fame or recognition that they desire. Also, the “taggers” will know that people are watching carefully and it may be likely that they could get reported. The expense and humiliation of court and cleanup is a deterrent. 


Report graffiti when you find it. Give an indication of when the damage happened. Between what times ? Establish a pattern.
Encourage community to walk in these areas when exercising. Walk in groups and carry a cellular phone to report suspicious activity. 

Increase lighting and visibility around graffiti areas. Watch for suspicious persons in the areas where graffiti is a problem. Provide accurate description of persons and vehicle.


Immediately report all graffiti in progress to Security Services by telephoning 474-9312.

If you know or have information about an individual(s) involved in graffiti or vandalism, please contact Security Services or file a web report.

The Crime Stoppers program can also offer up to a $2000.00 cash reward for information leading to an arrest. The Crime Stoppers number is 786-8477.