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Technology Services is the area responsible for the development, implementation, operation and/or provision of the U of M's applications and infrastructure, computer operations, network, communication and data systems and services as well as learning technology and multimedia production.


Richard Gloux - Director, Technology Services

IST Technology Services
Tel: 204 474 7803
E3-608 EITC-E3


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TBD - Manager, Infrastructure Build

IST Technology Services
E3-614 EITC-E3

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Michael McIntyre - Manager, Infrastructure Maintenance

IST Technology Services
Tel: 204 474 8673
E3-616 EITC-E3


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John Dalke - Manager, Application Development

IST Technology Services
Tel: 204 474 7397
25 Modular Facility, B Lot


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Gayle Savage - Manager, Application Run

IST Technology Services
Tel: 204 781 9100


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