Evaluation of the opportunity for manure treatment/processing technologies to achieve manure phosphorus balance


Project Leader:  Nazim Cicek, Dept. Biosystems Engineering
Grad Student:  Joe Ackerman
Advisors: Robert Burns, Garland Laliberte, Mark Rice, Marc Trudelle




Part 1 of this review will set out liquid manure characteristics with respect to nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) and it will discuss the requirements of manure separation technology in Manitoba. Part 2 will address which technologies are available for solids separation and P concentration/extraction. The focus will be on technologies that have been tested by researchers in either laboratory or large-scale operations, and for which scientific literature has been published. Most of the technology descriptions will be brief and will focus primarily on nutrient fate. Part 3 will assess the applicability of these technologies to the Manitoba context and it will outline perceived gaps in research, recommendations for research topics, and discussion of criteria to judge technology efficacy for Manitoba.

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