Utilization of processed hog manure separation products in Manitoba


Project Leader:  Dr. Mario Tenuta, Dept. Soil Science, Email: tenutam@cc.umanitoba.ca
Co-Investigators: Don Flaten (U of M), Kim Ominski (U of M), Nazim Cicek (U of M), Kathy Buckley (AAFC)


Manitoba Pork Council, MRAC, and Manitoba Horticultural Productivity Enhancement Centre


Why is this research important? Some Manitoba producers will need to adopt manure separation as a strategy to manage soil phosphorus levels. Information is lacking on how to handle and utilize these separation streams to achieve manure P balance and on the agronomic potential of these products. This project addresses these gaps and also provides the vehicle to disseminate this new research information to Manitoba hog, potato, forage and field crop producers.


  • Determine how to best utilize streams of separated/processed manure for agronomic and economic advantage
  • Identify opportunities to capitalize on the capacity of these processed manure products to improve yield and quality of multiple crops, including potato