Quantitative assessment and mitigation of total greenhouse gas emissions from livestock manure applied to soil

The Team:

Project Leaders: Dr. Ermias Kebreab, Dept. Animal Science, University of California Email: ekebreab@ucdavis.edu,
Dr. Mario Tenuta, Dept. Soil Science, University of Manitoba Email: tenutam@cc.umanitoba.ca
Co-Investigators: Martin Nyachoti (U of M), P Loro (MAFRI) and E Salvano (MAFRI)


Determining the impact of diet on net greenhouse gas emissions and developing equations relating nutrient composition of feed, manure and GHG emissions for beef cattle, swine and poultry.


  • determine information on baseline GHG emissions for beef, swine and poultry manure applied to soil
  • develop mathematical models that integrate feed nutrient profile, manure nutrient profile and GHG emissions for beef cattle, swine and poultry
  • assess mitigation options to reduce GHG emissions from manure applied to soil

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