Research Programs

NCLE Research Mandate

“To further the economic and environmental sustainability of integrated livestock and crop production through multidisciplinary whole system based research.”

To achieve systems level solutions in integrated livestock production, collaborative research teams come together to investigate multiple issues within a single project.



Research Program Areas

Within this “whole system” framework,  NCLE researchers investigate farm productivity & viability, environmental stewardship, food quality & safety and efficient energy & water use.

  • Animal Care (includes health, welfare, production, management, nutrition)
  • Manure & Byproducts (includes manure handling, storage, processing, value added projects)
  • Land, Air & Water (includes crop management, greenhouse gases, nutrient management, soil ecology, etc)
  • Systems Modeling (modeling livestock and crop production systems)
  • Agriculture & Society (includes human health, human perceptions, economics, agriculture policy)