Stories from the Field

International Volcanic Field School in Russia

Lake Winnipeg Summer 2018

Manitoba Great Lakes Project

Trading Trenches For Transects: An Archaeologist’s Experience At Sea

Waiting out the storm – A short reflection aboard a small research vessel in northern Hudson Bay

Lake Winnipeg Basin Survey - First Report 2018

Mercury in the Food Web: Sampling on Board the CCGS Amundsen

GENICE Hydrocarbon Baseline and Arctic Microbes in Hudson Bay

Surface Gravity Waves:  From the Tropics to the Arctic

Drone Surveys of Hudson Bay Sea Ice

Amundsen 2018 Leg 1 – Chesterfield Inlet Community Visit

Hudson Bay Research Story (Baysys Team 4 – Carbon cycling)

Probing Mercury Emissions from Active Volcanoes in Central America

Time to Pack Up for the Hudson Bay-wide Cruise on Board the CCGS Amundsen

SIMEP Field Story

An International Field Course Experience in Svalbard, Norway

Tracking the Propagation of Light from Underneath the Ice to Open Water

Field Report from the GEOTRACES Mercury Intercalibration Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea

Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Sea Ice in Hudson Bay

A Story from the BaySys Winter Campaign

A Winter Oceanography Project in Collaboration with the Cree Nation of Chisasibi, Eastern James Bay

Under-Ice Algae Bloom in the Arctic

A Year of Marine Observations in the Wandel Sea (NE Greenland)

Geochemical and Geophysical Monitoring of Sea Ice Growth at SERF

Measuring Directional Reflectance at SERF

A Student's Report from the Sea Ice Course in Nuuk

Mackenzie Delta Beluga Research Shows Preference For Less Ice

In Search of Multi-Year Sea Ice

Surprise Visitors for the Canadian Team

Experiencing a Sea Ice Environment for the First Time

Check in on the Team at Station Nord (Greenland)!

Six Weeks at Station Nord – A Challenge We Will Never Forget

Sediment Cores and Wind Storms: What's Happening in Lake Melville, Labrador!

Research at Station Nord, Greenland, April 2015

In the Field with Green Edge

Collaboration with Norway!

The Bowhead Whale as an Indicator of Changes in West Greenland

Learning about the Arctic...IN THE ARCTIC

Come to SERF!

Research in the Godthåbsfjord, Greenland

Micrometeorological and Thermal Control of Frost Flower Growth and Decay on Young Sea Ice


Characterizing Arctic Storms Inside and Out with a Research Aircraft During the STAR Project

Science and Weather in the North: A Love/Hate Relationship!

Kendall Island Summer Field Study 2014

Sea Ice-Based Atmospheric Monitoring During the 2014 Amundsen Expedition

My Adventure Searching for Franklin's Lost Ships in Victoria Strait

Shingle Time, My Field Adventures on the Beaufort Coast

Carbon Dynamics of the Arctic Ocean

Carbon Fluxes Across a Melting Sea Ice

Remote Sensing of Sea Ice in the Canadian Arctic

The "Little Bit Crazy" Quality of Research

Ice Algae and Frozen PB & J Sandwiches

Field Research in Greenland -- A Student's Perspective

ASP Field Campaigns are Up and Running: Story from Daneborg

Cambridge Bay - Insight on a Journey

Detecting Extreme Sea Ice Features in the Beaufort Sea

Menacing Mercury Magnification in Marine Meals

Impacts of Environmental Change on the Marine Ecosystem of Southeast Hudson Bay

Artificial Pressure Ridges at SERF

From Space-based to Ground-based Observations

On Thin Ice

Nuuk Sea Ice Campaign 2013