Jens Ehn

Associate Professor

Department of Environment and Geography

Ph.D. University of Manitoba
M.Sc. University of Helsinki

Research Interests and Expertise

The use of field observations, remote sensing and modeling to understand:

  • Light propagation and light-matter interactions in Arctic estuarine, marine and sea ice environments
  • Processes and feedbacks controlling air-ice-ocean interactions, sea ice formation and melting
  • Seasonal evolution, trends and variability of sea ice covered environments
  • Freshwater-marine interactions in Arctic and subArctic coastal and shelf waters




SUVI (Suomi-Viro) programme on the optics of Finnish and Estonian lakes (1998-99). Undergraduate project. PI: M Lepparanta

Finnish-Japanese cooperative project “Ice Climatology of the Okhotsk and Baltic Seas” (ICOBS). MSc project. PIs. M. Leppäranta, K. Shirasawa

Interice 4, Sea ice tank experiment in Hamburg Schiffbau Versuchsanstalt (HSVA), Arctic Environmental Test Basin. PI David Thomas


CERC (PI: S. Rysgaard)


GreenEdge. ( PI: Marcel Babin, Takuvik.

Freshwater-Marine Coupling in Hudson Bay. NSERC NCE ArcticNet. PIs: Zou Zou Kuzyk, Jens Ehn, Celine Guéguen.

BAYSYS. Variability and change of freshwater-marine coupling in the Hudson Bay System, NSERC CRD. PI: David Barber.

South-East Hudson Bay community-based research ( PIs: Drs. Joel Heath, Zou Zou Kuzyk, Jens Ehn

Community-based research project investigating the La Grande River estuary. Cree Nation of Chisasibi/Cree Nation Government ( PIs: Drs. Joel Heath, Zou Zou Kuzyk, Jens Ehn

Community-driven Sea Ice and Ocean Research in the Contrasting Coastal Domains of Hudson Bay. POLAR Knowledge Canada. PIs: Jens Ehn, Zou Zou Kuzyk

Southampton Island Marine Ecosystem Project (SIMEP). NCE MEOPAR, POLAR Knowledge Canada. PIs: CJ Mundy, Brooke Milne, Jens Ehn 

Coastal oceanography of eastern James Bay – impacts on eelgrass ecosystems. Niskamoon Corporation. PIs: Urs Neumeier, Michel Gosselin, Fred Short, Zou Zou Kuzyk, Jens Ehn


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