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Oil and Gas Research Compendium

"Implications of Change and Variability in Sea Ice & Climate in the High Arctic: A Research Compendium for Oil and Gas Operations and Planning" (A 250MB download) draws together over 100 papers, books & book chapters, and review papers by the Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) from the past five years (2007 to 2013). This resource has been prepared in order to assist professionals in the oil and gas industry, as well as others with similar interests (e.g. transportation, or mining) filter through the ever-growing body of Arctic-based research. In order to protect copyright, and for us to understand our readership, please email us with your name and organization in order to receive an access password. The compendium is in PDF format and is best viewed with Adobe Reader.


Field Reports

R/V William Kennedy Leg 4 Cruise Report (Sep 1-15, 2019)
Cruise along the Kivalliq transportation corridor (Hudson Bay)

CCGS Amundsen Leg-1 Cruise Report, Bay-wide Survey of Hudson Bay

BREA Field Report 2012

CCGS Amundsen Leg-1 Cruise Report -Bay-wide Survey of Hudson Bay- 

Churchill River and mobile ice survey February 1 to February 15, 2017, Churchill, Manitoba

BaySys - Team 5 Sediment Coring and Water Quality Fieldwork Summary March 1-6 and April 2-5

BaySys 2016 Mooring Program Cruise Report

BaySys 2017 Fall Cruise Report -Turnaround of Moorings-


CEOS Annual Reports

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