Dr. John Embil
Professor, Director of Health Sciences Centre, Infection Prevention and Control Unit


Degrees: MD, (Dalhousie 1989), FRCPC (Internal Medicine 1994, Infectious Diseases 1996)


Mailing Address:  Infection Prevention and Control Unit, Health Sciences Centre, MS 673-820 Sherbrook Street

Tel: 204-787-4654, FAX: 204-787-2989

Research Interests:

  • Nosocomial infections, their prevention, transmission and epidemiology
  • Infections in the lower extremities of persons with diabetes.
  • Blastomycosis.
  • New drug development: Clinical trials with new antimicrobial agents
  • Wound healing

Recent   Publications :

For a list of Dr. Embil's PubMed articles, please click here

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Laboratory Members:

Kuzyk, Lorraine Research Coordinator   204-787-4599