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Gene List

The NorCOMM gene lists will be updated periodically on an ongoing basis. An interactive version of this list will be available soon. The NorCOMM “Genes of Interest” List includes all genes that NorCOMM may target; the NorCOMM “Genes Under Active Consideration” List includes genes that are being strongly considered as potential targeting priorities.

The two lists were generated as follows:

NorCOMM “Genes Of Interest” List

1. Input from the Canadian community (excluding genes that are listed in the MGI database and the *IGTC database)

2. Genes that:

a) are requested by the Canadian scientific community;

b) are not being targeted by EuCOMM or KOMP;

c) do not have targeted alleles listed in the MGI database;

d) are not well represented in the *IGTC database;

e) have gene structures amenable to targeting by the NorCOMM approach; and/or

f) EuCOMM is unable to target.

A full list of genes being targeted by the IKMC (NorCOMM, EuCOMM & KOMP) can be found at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute High-throughput Gene Targeting web portal (view IKMC targeting summary).

View the NorCOMM "Genes of Interest" List

*Genes that have less than three gene trap cell lines and or have been trapped by less than two gene trapping centres from the International Gene Trap Consortium are considered candidates.

NorCOMM “Genes Under Active Consideration” List

Sub-list of the NorCOMM “Genes of Interest” List; these genes have been analyzed for gene structure and may be prioritized for targeting.

View the NorCOMM "Genes Under Active Consideration" List