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Prioritization Process

All requests submitted through the NorCOMM Gene Submission Form (hyperlink) will be processed through the below criteria before adding any gene to the NorCOMM targeting lists. Criteria #1-3 will be assessed through information provided by the requestor in the submission form. Criteria #4-8 will be applied through the NorCOMM Executive Committee. All information provided through the submission form will remain confidential.

Prioritization Criteria Provided by Requestor Additional Criteria that may be Applied by NorCOMM
  1. Self-prioritization of requested genes through web form
  2. Impact of availability of knockout cell lines to the requester's current research program
  3. Time period before requester is prepared to derive mice from knockout cell line
  1. Perceived value of gene knockout to the community at large
  2. Is the gene of interest available through other resources (e.g. KOMP, MGI, EUCOMM)
  3. Equitable access across Canada
  4. Balance between academic and biotech requests.
  5. Balance between individual lab requests and network requests