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About UMRA

  1. UMRA Constitution - also in PDF Format
  2. UMRA By-Laws - also in PDF Format
  3. UMRA Committees:
    1. Executive Committee
    2. Benefits and Pension Committee
    3. Communications Committee
    4. Membership Committee 
    5. Nominating Committee
    6. Interest Groups Committee
    7. Endowment Fund Committee
    8. Ad hoc Retiree Centre Committee
  4. History of UMRA - also in PDF Format
  5. Contact UMRA


  1. Privacy Policy - also in PDF Format
  2. Membership/Renewal Form - also in PDF Format

Newsletters - All "Retirees' News" from 1997 - to present

Retirees' Benefits - also in PDF Format

    Overview of Benefit Plans
    Life Insurance
    Supplementary Health Benefits
    Dental Benefits
    Other Benefits: University of Manitoba Facilities and Services
    University of Manitoba Pension Plan Information (1900 until 2014)

Activities and Events

    President's Receptions for Retirees  from 2006 - to present 
    in pictorial form.

Important Reminders

    This page is dedicated to providing important reminders to the UMRA membership

Keeping You Posted 

     Information of interest to UMRA members

Retirees' Forum 

  1. Of Interest
  2. Anecdotes
  3. Pictorial  

In Memoriam

In Memoriam has been created to keep UMRA members and other interested individuals informed of the passing of retired employees of the University of Manitoba. 


  1. University of Manitoba
  2. CURACMember Retiree Associations 
  3. Other Retirees Associations
  4. Federal and Provincial (MB) Departments
  5. About Winnipeg
  6. Sites of Interest


   UMRA Association General Meetings
   UMRA President's Reports
   UMRA Executive Meetings Minutes

UMREF (University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund)

  1. About UMREF
  2. How UMREF Works
  3. Types of Awards
  4. Kinds of Donations
  5. Investment Trust Management Management Policies
  6. Contact Us

Photo by Eero Lahtinen