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The President's Reception of Retirees
April 18, 2009

The Reception was held at the Bannatyne Campus

Retirees arriving by special bus from the Fort Garry Campus   


Registration of Retirees

Retirees are ready for the presentation:  Age Friendly Communities.

The media is full of stories of our aging population and the impact on society that this will have. How do we plan for and manage the changes that may need to take place to meet the needs of this increasingly older population? Do we need to make communities more age-friendly in order to ensure a high quality of life for an aging population? In her presentation, Dr. Menec  explores what an age-friendly community is, and what some of the issues are in becoming more age-friendly.

Overview of the Centre on Aging

The Centre on Aging (COA) was established in 1982. Dr. Verena Menec has been COA’s Director since 2004, following in the footsteps of Dr. Laurel Strain and, before her, Dr. Neena Chappell. COA is a university-wide research centre, whose Director reports directly to the Vice President (Research). COA’s mission is to conduct, stimulate and promote research on aging, provide an interdisciplinary focus for the research activities in the area of aging at the universities in Manitoba, and support the teaching of students in the area of aging. COA also serves as the focal point for the integration and dissemination of research on aging in Manitoba.

The update on University activities was given by Deborah McCallum, Vice-President (Administration). Barbara Hanchard, Director of Staff Benefits was also present to answer specific questions concerning retirees pensions.

New Administrative Appointments


New Exciting Initiatives 

After both presentations, the retirees moved to the Atrium in the Brodie Centre for refreshments and a friendly chat.

 Line-up for Food

 Table line-up

Enjoying the company 

Retirees in conversation

 Dropping in 

Atrium of the Brodie Centre



The President's Reception for Retirees
October 24, 2009

The Reception was held at the Fort Gary Campus

Getting ready for the presentation


Jay Anderson: Stalking the Prairie Tornado

Jay Anderson has a 30-year history of trying to predict tornadoes and other weather beasts.   Over the past 8 years, he has collected reports of prairie tornadoes, amassing a dataset of over 3000 events.

Looking inside a tornado, modern technology now makes it possible to predict at least the larger tornadoes with a fair rate of success.

Audience captivated by the speaker.

In the summer months, Jay Anderson helps teach and conduct the storm-chasing course that takes students out into the field to try their skills at prediction and interception.

Audience attention directed to podium

Dr. David Barnard, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manitoba, spoke about the immediate financial challenges facing the University, and some of the steps being taken to address these challenges.

Attentive audience

Lois Brockman (UMRA President) presenting  Gunter Baureiss with a plaque depicting our website and an inscription: “The University of Manitoba Retirees Association extends appreciation to Gunter Baureiss for his exceptional service in designing and maintaining the UMRA website 2005 - 2008.” (Photo by Stella Rebling)

Deep in discussion

Sharing a secret ???

Time to relax and socialize

Connecting with friends

A proud moment (Photo by Stella Rebling)

Enjoying the occasion (Photo by Stella Rebling)

Lois Brockman, our dedicated UMRA President for the years 2005 - 2009.

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Dr. Verena Menec is the Director of the Centre on Aging and an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. Currently she holds a Canada Research Chair in Healthy Aging. Her main research interests lie in the areas of healthy aging and health care utilization among older adults, particularly at the end of life.
















Deborah McCallum, Vice-President (Administration)
























Scrumptious fruit platter and sandwiches

































































Lois Brockman (UMRA President) addressing the audience.




Jay Anderson is a retired Environment Canada meteorologist. Recently, he has been occupied in teaching meteorology and climate change at the University of Manitoba.




































































































Enjoying conversation while in food line-up







Colourful & delicious Fruit Platter






Enjoying good company and good food






Sheila Andrich, editor of the Retirees' News